What is your fashion personality?

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Your style reflects the uniqueness of your preferences, typical features and moods – the true personality you are. So my question is, do you present yourself in a way you want to be perceived? Your personal style is the first communication tool with the outer world, what you may not even realize. Start exploring your fashion personality, understand it and show it to the world confidently!

SO! Do you like wearing skirts or trousers? What cuts and materials do you prefer? What are your favorite colors? Do you like bold prints and patterns or solid colors? Do you complete your outfits with fine jewellry or bold accessories?

These questions can help with finding your fashion personality. Even though there is a lot of them, I will describe at least three main categories – and I must say it’s pretty much reduced! But before, let’s go through a few words about finding a personal style.

Finding your personal style

Wow, this is quite huge topic! That’s why I am preparing a styling guide, which will be available for free download soon. Except fashion personalities, I’ am writing  about appropriate styling according to age, different body types and also tips on how to create your ideal wardrobe. It’s not always easy to understand which piece of clothing suits your body type, or which color is flattering to your skin tone. But, once you feel satisfied with your style, people can smell your natural confidence boost! So stay tuned 😉

Finding your fashion personality, has nothing to do with pricey brands. I know a lot of people wearing designer pieces head to toe, however that doesn’t mean their fashion style is cool. Having a great style is an art of mixing pieces all together resulting in perfect outfit, which matches your personality. Also your bank account doesn’t have to suffer, as anything can be adjusted to a budget accordingly- at least that’s what I stand for. And now, time for those style personalities! 

Classic, minimal and feminine style personalities

For instance you prefer clean minimal clothing including its color in classic feminine cuts. Typical are timeless and polished looks, sometimes on the edge of intellectual preppy style – a.k.a. your shirt collar is buttoned to its very top. Think Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger collections. These styles are worn by Olivia Palermo, Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham.

Bold, rebellious and eccentric fashion personalities

In contrast there is a group of extroverted girl gang, who enjoy to provoke either with their latest maxi trends or like to call attention to their curves with body tight pieces. They are rebellious, eccentric with high confidence and everything bold. Rebels-rockers prefer black clothing, leather and destructed denim. Think icons like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian.

Relaxed, romantic and natural style personalities

Somewhere in between we have relaxed and free style, which is neither too feminine, nor rebellious. In most cases the fashion is comfy and its fans like sport or nature – free spirited hippie style. Floral prints, headbands and natural fabrics are very common. Sporty style prefers loose printed t-shirts and basic denim. These fashion personalities are perfectly worn by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and Cameron Diaz.

Smiling girl wearing short jumpsuit and holding sunglasses in the nature

Find your favorite icon, who is similar either to your body type, hair or eye color. Get inspired by her looks. It’s likely, that her outfits will look good at you as well! Of course you don’t have to copy her extravagant piece at a time, when you absolutely hate it. It’s just creative inspo!

To me, fashion is self-expressing and communication tool and that’s why I like its playfulness and variability. So it’s completely ok, when you find yourself enjoying two or more styles! Also, if you live in Bratislava and its area and need any help with finding your style, or detoxing your wardrobe, by re-creating fresh outfits from what you already own, send me an email, I am here for you. 😉

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