Do you want to show your ex (or future babe), that you are confidently rocking all it takes? Or you wish to freshen up relationship a little and keep that no.1 hottie status in your hubby’s eyes?

Do you feel like no matter what you do, achieving that effortless stylish blogger’s look seems impossible? You are not quite sure, what style or typeof clothing suits you, are you?

Are you a star of impulsive shopping – spending a lot of money, but still nothing to wear? Would you appreciate well-arranged closet containing only flattering pieces for your figure? You want to be stylish, but save some money and time at first place, right?

Use your 100% potential and achieve your personal success! Kick off your confidence by experiencing my service packages. It’s gonna be fun, promise! 😉

Stylistka vytvára outfit v šatníku

Meet my outfits

We will spend some stylish ladies time together! I will create outfits from your existing pieces. You will be surprised how many fresh combos can be created from your actual wardrobe. My aim is to work mostly with what is already available. If needed, I’ ll recommend certain basic items for shopping to complete your closet. So, for the next morning drama – I have nothing to wear – you will be completely prepared. I’ ll create cheat sheet – the Stylebook.

It will contain all outfit pictures which were taken during our session, missing pieces list and also professional summary about your closet. You’ll also get styling tips for your particular wardrobe faves. Because I appreciate, that you’ve decided to work with me, I included something extra. Bonus section with useful styling know-how hacks. Because you deserve it. 😉

Before I knock on your door, I need to know you and your lifestyle. Therefore prior to the session, we will have a consultation (in person or on phone), which is a part of the package. If you have any fashion dilemmas with particular items, which you can’t decide about, I am here for you.

Duration 3 – 4 hours | Price 119 €

Hello my style

We will spend some time finding your signature style – the one, that will represent your personality and uniqueness. 😉 First I will analyse your lifestyle, preferences and budget. During our ladies’ session I will show you various options with visuals and we will choose the best match for you. Your lifestyle, current position in life, body type and age will be considered as well. Then I will create personalised Stylebook.

The Stylebook contains description and digital visualisation of your new style – bold and basic pieces, which will be nice to add into your closet. You will learn exactly what cuts suit your body. I will include popular fashionistas, who enjoy wearing similar style to yours, so you can get inspired anytime. And because I value your trust in my work, I added also a bonus part with useful styling know-how tips. Because you deserve it. 😉

Duration 2 – 2,5 hours | Price 69 €

Meet my outfits + Hello my style

Split into 2 days or as agreed | price 159€