Story time | Slow fashion ~ yay or nay?

Fashion trend and its recurring cycle

One Sunday afternoon we were at my parent’s place, casually relaxing after lunch and I was going through ELLE magazine. Somewhere on pages between new trend report and 9-5 work styling tips I heard my mum saying: “..BTW FASHION REPEATS ALL THE TIME. Once it is leggings with oversized sweater and the other day flower power hippie style takes over. Do you remember that gypsy dress I used to wear?” 

Obviously she was right that trends come and go and after few years they are back like the new invention of telephone. These reinventions, however, can turn out very handy. For instance, STRETCH DENIM – THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE! 😉

I was just looking at a cute top with ruffle sleeves in the magazine and then I realized the other side of what she had said. So I started searching through her wardrobe for the gypsy inspired dress. And bang! THERE I WAS STANDING A.K.A. BOHO QUEEN – FLORAL PRINT AND RUFFLES ALL AROUND ME. Like I had just returned from Ibiza hippie market!

Slow fashion is affordable, creative and smart

Today we live in a world, where we are faced to consume everything and on top of that in high speed. We eat fast food, send messages in What’s App  instead of meeting face to face, we drive fast because we are in a hurry.  Our health, relationships and nature suffers. SO WHY NOT SLOW DOWN A LITTLE BIT ALSO WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION?

Every year designers come up with the pieces that already have been on trend during past seasons. IT MEANS THAT VINTAGE PIECES ARE STILL FASHIONABLE IF YOU MIX THEM WELL OR ADD RIGHT ACCESSORIES. For example mixing commercial brands with vintage pieces like this dress or from thrift stores. When you wear some unique piece from stores like that or from your mom’s closet, I can guarantee that no one else will be seen in the same clothes. It is also so much fun!

So WHY NOT STAND OUT AND PREFER UNIQUE style rather than buying another piece from fast retailer, which will last just one season? Why suffer from skin allergies caused by cheap garments which are made by underrated labor cost? Needless to say about the waste impact on the environment. We are the final consumers and it is our buying decision that matters. GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK!

Do you like buying vintage clothes and what do you think about slow fashion concept? Are you interested in more sustainable fashion posts? I also made an interview about slow fashion with Slovak designer – are you interested in his opinion and tips on this topic?



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