My Story

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Starting as a kid I used to walk the whole hallway in the apartment pretending it is a real catwalk for my big audience – usually my parents and later my dog. The previous step was obviously a huge “physical inventory check” of my mom’s closet, which she was not always happy about. The point is, since a little girl I’ ve always loved to go into her wardrobe and mix one outfit combo through another.

When I grew up I noticed a positive feedback on my personal style and even though my nose had been stuck in fashion bibles all the time, I decided to broaden my fashionista knowledge. So there I was, having my first lesson at Fashion styling school in Prague. Fast forward, I did a few jobs for free and since then I’ve styled a few photoshoots by myself.

I was thinking what to do next, considering I love not only fashion, but also writing – I’ve started to contribute to the digital magazine as an editor. Together with it I’ve also decided to share the “catwalk” of my life online – with you!

And that is how my little baby Branderosa was born.

This blog is dedicated to all of you, who seek styling inspo and advice about how to put an outfit together and also for those, want to understand fashion a bit deeper. Dressing like a millionaire, but keeping it on budget posts are waiting for you as well.

In girlboss category I talk about modern ambitious woman of today and the challenges she has to go through. Think posts like self-confidence boost, beating procrastination, efficient life-goal setting and similar topics, which I had to go through on my own.

At the same time, even I am clear about my ambitions, somehow, I am still a fan of “old-school” thinking and a huge lover of nature, real art and harmony. Therefore in lifestyle category I write about wellness, slow fashion and my point of view on how to balance the accelerated world we are living in.

Branderosa is all about staying motivated, confident and balanced – all in a stylish way.

Thank you for visiting my blog ♥

Be inspired and have fun,