Introducing wellness lifestyle ~

What does wellness really mean?

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In the past I used to think that wellness is all about visiting calming SPA treatments in fancy hotels. However thanks to YouTube I have understood, that it’s about achieving balanced growth of entire human being in each aspect of life. INDIVIDUAL SELF-DISCOVERY JOURNEY, understanding one’s needs, following instincts even when they are not comfortable. Making conscious efforts toward fulfilling all areas in life. Keeping in mind, that I am the only person responsible for my overall well-being. That’s really what wellness stands for.

Improve your wellness journey with the checklist

Now, when we know what is this holistic philosophy and lifestyle about, let’s test the overall well being situation in your life. Identify the areas which can be slightly improved and work on them. On the other hand, which points make you feel super proud? Bet on these!

MIND – am I able to control my emotions? Do I think positively? Do I listen to my inner voice? Like walk-in closet please (no joke 🙂

SOUL – do I know my mission for me in life? Am I grateful and do I live in line with my values / believes? Wait what, do I have some?

MOTION – I am not a fitness blogger, however my question is, do you work out at least 7days a week? Seriously, I feel like everything in Universe is possible when I am recovering after a workout! Is my nutrition in balance? (coffee rituals allowed 🙂

girl wearing floral dress looking at ground in nature

WORK VS. PASSION-  we spend more than half of a lifetime working our butts off, so is it the place where my heart is? Can I grow my talents / creativity / potential over there?

SOCIETY – do I feel satisfied in terms of networking with others / expressing myself? Am I supportive and emphatic in my relationships? What about a little community volunteering? 

EARTH – do I feel a little responsibility for this Planet to make it work also for future generations? Am I conscious and do I interact nicely with the Mother nature?  #ithinkgreen

Last big thought to mention: Be kind to yourself! No one manages everything perfectly, it is not possible. A glass of wine never hurt anyone although green smoothies are nowadays popular. Remember we were talking about balance.

relaxed girl in total wellness resting on tree in forest

I believe that some of the questions have resonated with you and maybe some new ideas have arisen. If you are interested in more wellness related topics, let me know in the comments below!

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