Increase productivity & beat procrastination | 5 hacks

Over the years I have read and watched endless of “how tos” about self-organisation and effectivity. That’s why I am sharing with you simple habits which help me staying productive and beat procrastination. I’ve been through it all, trust me. I feel you! 😉

Can’t keep concentration?

In order to be more productive, get rid of all possible distractions. Put your phone on flight mode or use a social media blocking apps for certain time. Turn on a timer, which watches your working time. Once it rings, have a break for some rest and do what you enjoy – as a reward. 😉 Focus your attention for completing one task at a time – multitasking is a myth!

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Avoid negative approach to work, which causes you feelings like shame, guilt and self-doubt. Don’t let the frustration go further, because it is just another stressful mindset. Be kind and forgive yourself – but put more effort into the work this time instead!

Get into the working flow

Do the activities, which make you feel like working naturally. For instance, include an inspiring video or a few motivation pages into your morning routine, burn a candle for creating working ambiance. Positive mindset will inspire you to go towards your goal automatically.

It’s important to start your morning with clearly defined tasks for the day. That’s why I try to plan my day ahead, ideally a night before. If you want to be super efficient like Tony Robbins, listen to podcasts/audiobooks during casual daily activities. This works for me when I cook. 🙂

Just start!

Once you are in the right working flow, don’t overthink how tough or how far is the way toward your dream. If you feel overwhelmed with your project, split it into partial goals, which are easier to achieve. Simply just start with the first item on your list, countdown literally 5-4-3-2-1 and go!

Treat your body and stay away from chaos

Before you put yourself into the work, make sure, that you treat yourself well. Nourish your body from within with the balanced diet rich in antioxidants and don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated (coffee allowed). 😉 Fresh air in the room and some nice stretches during break will be appreciated as well. 

Keep your workspace clean, even it is obvious. If there is a clutter all around you, don’t be surprised that the chaos is also in your head and in life in general. Get rid of everything that you don’t need anymore and create some space for fresh creative energy flow. If you work from home, change the location for an inspiring coffee or co-working place. 

Still no mood for work?

If you still can’t resist the evil of procrastination, I suggest to start an activity journal. A little bit silly, but only for one week. Write down all your activities, which you were doing that day. Could some of them be eliminated, delegated or automated? Be honest with yourself, because it’s the only way you can make your work more efficient and get some extra free time. So the main message for you:

Work smarter, not harder!

Hey girlbosses out there, comment below your tips and habits on beating procrastination and staying productive, so we can learn from each other 😉

Have a productive day,



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