How to wear animal print outfits

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Since we saw snake and leopard print this season on almost every runway, it has also become a huge street style trend. Sure, some of us are completely obsessed, but on the other hand, animal print is not always everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, I will guide you through the print styling secrets, so that you can rock that urban jungle!

Start with tiny accessories

If you don’t feel like head to toe in leopard, start including smaller printed accessories. Spice up your favorite olive jumpsuit with a nice leo belt or if you are attending a special event, complete your LBD with leo printed clutch. Dress up your casual day outfit by wearing snake print flats. 

Golden rule – don’t overdo it!

When wearing large printed piece like snake blazer or skirt, always keep in mind –  it’s the boldest and key item of the outfit. Therefore keep the rest calm and balanced. Also don’t overdo it with accessories like bold earrings, massive watches or neon-pinkish handbag, unless it’s Halloween. These combos kill overall sophisticated outfit and look cheap.

Animal print & colour combinations

Red is always a good idea for animal print styling, no matter if it is your nail polish, lipstick or shoes. The other leo-friendly color is deep warm yellow and emerald green with black and brown accesories.

If you want to give the print a try as a beginner, look for the pattern where the colour is not contrasting, but is more muted instead – think grey jeans with black leo print. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize it, choose pieces with an extra added color – for example a tiny pops of red.

How to style leo/snake printed ..

Blazer –  in order to create harmony, wear one solid neutral color underneath the snake print blazer (olive, cream, grey, black etc.)

Sweater – leather pants/leggins change the game when it comes to oversized leo sweater, you can also define waist with a belt

Hoodie – glam up your sporty looks with unexpected leo printed hoodie, which also looks good with classic or destructed denim

Fake fur coat – the king of the boldest statement pieces, so again, keep everything else simple

Skirt/pants – the print is more dynamic if you choose black top/turtleneck, on the other hand if you want to achieve more harmony, bet on solid beige and cream tops.

Choose your print smartly

Animal print looks flattering on each body type, however you need to know the right size of the pattern. For instance massive leo print with huge details is not a good choice for petite and subtile women, because it’s too heavy for such creatures. Instead use more delicate print which just enhances the natural beauty.

Do you have any special tips on how to wear animal print like a pro? Let me know! 🙂


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