How to reset your life – part 2

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Hello sunshines, welcome to my New Me bootcamp! 😉 In previous post we covered how do I adjust my surroundings. Now we’ve moved to the second day – harder part – how to reset a mind!

Mind refresh

There are endless options about how to free your mind – whether it’s sport, in which you can totally forget about the world or you recharge your batteries in nature breathing fresh air. Among these I swear by yoga and I really want to start with meditation – any tips for beginner, anyone? 🙂

Try journaling

Firstly, it is necessary to release the mind, by evaluating past situations, behaviour etc.. There are different things that work for everyone, but for me it’s journaling. There are no right or wrong rules how to journal, just start writing what you feel, what is bothering you, what would you like to improve or do differently. A piece of paper can handle a lot. If you still don’t know where to start, this checklist might be helpful.

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Vegan leather dress – Mango; Teddy coat – Bershka; Shoes – Zara; Over-knee socks tights – DM; Turban – Camaieu

Re-evaluate strategies, find positives and work with them

VERY IMPORTANT – don’t forget to write down all the things which are you grateful for, your positive habits and all the little things, which you have accomplished lately. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, for example be proud that you are regularly taking care of your body by working out, or that you helped your friend in something, which she had no idea about. 

It’s all about details, because each of them says something about you. Think, how you can use these preferences more often in the future and maybe replace your old habits with them. Also take a look at your past priorities, goals and strategies. If they weren’t effective in some ways, simply re-evaluate and change them. But careful, the key is to set realistic expectations preferably in tiny, easy to achieve changes. Baby steps.

Your day

Also, planning a free day just for you, when you can get your stuff together, is very refreshing. During this day I schedule doctors apointments, make time for home SPA and manicure or just cleaning my inbox. Basically I do all the tasks, which I had planned before but didn’t have time to complete, in one day. 

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People around you

Think about the people you regularly meet. The majority of us has probably heard, that you are an average of 5 people you spend the most time with. If you are around toxic people, who take away your energy, just stay away from them for a while and see, how much you miss the people in life. 

Put an extra effort and look your best

I’m saying it again, but I have to. If you are groomed and look your best, it brings you instant confidence a that is exactly that impulse, which your New Me needs. When you wear a little make-up, your hair smells like heaven, I promise your work will go smoothly. Don’t wait for the special occasion to wear that new dress, you  have bought. The day is today!

Between you and me

My dear fashionista, I will tell you a secret, just between us 🙂 Sometimes I put on my new heels at my office-livingroom space, just like that – when I am home alone. Weird? Maybe, but it makes me happy!

So wrapping up today’s post: Do, what makes you smile and don’t be afraid to reset your life regularly, not just on January 1st. It’s quite a funny process of knowing yourself! Besides, we all are just human beings and we have a right to get stuck time to time. I feel you! 😉

I’m sending you a lot of strength for becoming New You, I am sure you’ve got this! :*

How about you and life refresh? Do you like New Year’s resolutions?

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