How to reset your life – part 1

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New Year’s resolutions. I used to set them for myself too, until I found out, they’re just not working for me. Even though New Year – New Me sounded pretty inspiring, in February I was back in my “old mess”. On top of  that, I was disappointed that my superheroic visions of myself during first two months of the year weren’t fulfilled at all. That’s why I give my life a reset regularly and anytime in the year, whenever I feel like it. 

So, if my life is chaos again, I do restart on two levels – surroundings and mind. What is crucial to understand is, that if you have inner need to change something big and start all over again, it will take more time. That’s why book a weekend or two in calendar for the reset, but it’s so worth it! Speaking from my experience.

Refresh your surroundings

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Emerald bodysuit+pointy booties – Zara; Highwaisted denim – Stradivarius; Double-buckle belt – Stradivarius; Metallic socks – Lindex; Velvet baseball cap – Bershka; Snake print blazer – vacation haul/ similar Mango

As I work from home, it’s very important that all the things around have positive impact on me. Otherwise I am not creative, not in a good mood and I procrastinate. That’s why I start the reset with deep cleaning of apartment and also its chaotic corners – starting from messy drawers in kitchen to my make-up table. Everything will go much smoother, if you do it with mindset, that you are doing it for the new – better version of yourself.

Give yourself a chill

The key is to be in positive mood. So I listen to the music which kicks me off or maybe an inspirational podcast. I’ m not saying no to a cup of coffee or a glass of wine 🙂 Ask your boyfriend, husband or any other inhabitant of the apartment to spend some quality gentleman time with his friends. He will appreciate it and so will you. As a bonus, give your hair an extra nourishment by treating it with hydrating mask during the whole process. 

Create space for new energies

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Once the apartment is clean, scented and everything has its home, the dilemma comes – am I ok with the actual design and furniture situation in the room? Sometimes, depending on mood, I start to move these pieces around and all of sudden it creates completely new perspective and space for creative energy flows. Of course, I don’t do it every time. To manifest new beginnings I like to decorate the space with a new plant or any other accessory. It’s important to be happy for little things and especially, when they have this particular meaning.

Okey dears, this is the end of the first part about How to reset your life. In the next post, I will continue with New Me tips, but this time I will be writing more about my hacks on how to reset your mind. Stay tuned and organized! 😉

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