How to get ready faster

Smiling girl in jumpsuit holding sandals in the nature

Wherever are you rushing to, I am sure you have zero time and nothing to wear (like I do mostly)! That’s why I am sharing my five simple S.O.S. tips, which save my ass regularly. Shall we?

Choose one-piece clothing

There is nothing faster than putting on a beautiful one-piece clothing. If you are more dressy gal, go for well fitted dress suitable for your body type. Even though I enjoy wearing dress, my style personality is more trousers-friendly. Therefore the jumpsuit/romper works for me like magic. I’m sure you can’t quite overlook the yellow one on the photos. 🙂

Backup outfit ready

Find some time for creating permanent backup outfit for each season. Pour yourself a glass of rosé, go through your wardrobe and I can guarantee that you will find it very handy, especially during busy mornings. Make alternatives also for outerwear or third piece in case of bad weather. My staple pieces are usually boyfriend jeans, white shirt or tee and black blazer if necessary.

Look expensive in trousers

If you have zero time and want to look little bit polished and put together always choose trousers instead of jeans. Chino pants are great solution. It instantly gives you more sophisticated and elevated look. Nobody needs to know that you overslept and barely washed your teeth.

Wear neutral colors

Honestly, putting together an outfit consisting of neutral pieces is another easy way to get dressed – because of the versatility of neutrals. Think all shades of browns and creams like beige, taupe and sand, but also pinky nudes, whites, blacks, grays and everything in between. On top of that the colors are timeless, so it is worth investing in such clothes. However, be careful with choosing the right shade to your skin tone, so you won’t be looking sick.

Preparation pays off

If you find yourself proud of the outfit you are wearing, immediately snap a photo of your masterpiece. Create the album of your recent winners in your cellphone, scroll your feed and choose the best option for the day! 

I hope you will find these tips useful as much as I do during my busy days. What are your hacks for busy mornings?



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