Feeling stuck & overwhelmed | Set priorities straight

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Every day we receive tons of new information and we are asked to make a million choices. Is this the right time to get a mortgage? Is this lunch menu a healthy choice for my body? We have to consider all external factors even without realizing it and THERE IS ALSO OUR TRICKY MIND. Its job is to drive us crazy with negative self doubt thoughts, because we feel that we are not in control of our life.

As a consequence we are overwhelmed, STUCK and our head is just one big chaos. We put too much importance on unimportant tasks and at the same time we ignore real priorities which we have to face. But hello, we are not superheroes, just human beings! Once I read very interesting article about how to set priorities straight and I must say it was very helpful for me, so here is what is was all about:

Relax, prioritize and execute

The main principle is to write down 25 goals you think are the most important for you to achieve. Include anything, for instance your fitness, career or relationship goals. Once the list is ready, you are asked to circle top 5 goals. You guessed it! These are your actual priorities and the only actions you need to take. The remaining 20 you care about are actually your distractions.

THIS IS THE REASON NO.1 WHY PEOPLE STRUGGLE WITH COMPLETING THEIR BIG PROJECT. Their mind is focused on another 20 tasks which are half or never finished anyway. Therefore it is crucial to finish top 5 goals to their very end and eliminate the rest of your ideas which are bothering you.

The other option on how to gain back the control of your life is to make some kind of memory abstract. Write down every single and basic idea/task you are keeping in your mind like grocery shopping, birthday gift for your mum, cancelling your dentist appointment. Empty your memory completely so you can clarify what actually is your important priority. Start working on your to-do asap, because the activity is the only thing that brings you back on track and boosts confidence as well. 

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with no control of life? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



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