5 simple ways to build confidence

Today I decided to post about confidence, because as a women we have to face the huge pressure from everywhere. When I was younger, I used to compare myself (I’ve learnt it’s pointless) and I often thought that I am not good enough. Nowadays I can say, that my confidence has increased and SO I WANT TO SHARE CONFIDENCE BOOSTING TIPS with you. 

First of all I want to point out that it is not a fixed personality predisposition. Good news is, IT IS A SKILL THAT CAN BE MASTERED at any age. Building confidence is like a muscle, if you work on it every day, it will grow. The question is, if you want to improve it or not.

Action boost self-confidence

From my experience, even though it may sound silly, the KEY FOR INCREASING SELF-CONFIDENCE IS TO ACT ON SOMETHING. This way you manifest the courage of taking the responsibility into your own hands. It gives you the energy of having things under control and your confidence boosts instantly. If you are persistent with your actions, results will come. But how do we know what actions need to be taken?

Evaluate your overall well-being situation

If I feel stuck in certain area of my life, it is a sign to make a change and to GO TOWARDS SOMETHING I DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING AT ALL. That’s why I take some time on my own, usually on my birthday or whenever needed, and start to evaluate where I am at life. Once I identify which area I want to improve, I have to disregard my inner fear and plan my actions – remembering, this is a chance to grow. If you are stuck and don’t know where to start , you can use the checklist form my previous post.

confident woman wearing statement skirt

Plan your actions

It’s nice to know which area you want to improve and so feel more confident about, but you also have to make a real efforts and apply the strategy into your life. That’s when goal setting and planning part follows. CREATE A LIST OF ALL STEPS and actions that need to be taken in order to complete the goal. How? I wrote a separate goal setting and planning post, if you want to dig deeper.

Active persistence is crucial

IGNORE FEARS IN YOUR HEAD AND FORCE YOURSELF TO ACTION! The best tool which works for me is called #5SecondRule by Mel Robbins. Basically the core is to start counting in your mind literally 5-4-3-2-1 and bang, you make physical action towards your goal. It can be as simple as getting your butt off the couch and finally sign up for the career change course you have been considering for soo long. Also be persistent with your actions, so you make it a habit.

Look your best

Take care of yourself! SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR BODY by working out regularly. Allow yourself nice treatments as a reward. Play with fashion, do a little make up. Look your best for you, not for anybody else and your self-confidence boosts instantly! When you glow and feel satisfied with your appearance, positive vibes are flowing all around you. People can smell these and so you attract new opportunities into your life!

Do you have any other tips which has helped you with building confidence? Let me know 😉

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